Boy, it’s colder’n anything out there.  It just stays that way.  My natural gas usage is way up these past months and man, will I EVER pay for it come May when the readjustment is made.  I am on the so-called budget plan wherein they, the gassy powers that be, take out a set amount all twelve months so as to build credit toward the coming heating season.  I have done this for years.  THIS year, I will wind up with NO credit even after they take money out all spring and summer.  That will be to make up the deficit from using more gas than was already paid for.

I read in the paper that TVA is upping their charges for power (Tennessee Valley Authority) by 50%!!!  Natural gas will rise tremendously as well.  That is such a slap in the face to we consumers when TVA gives all of its management indecent bonus’ as well as the same word applying to all their salaries in upper management.    They, TVA were griping that they sold hardly any power (in a manner of speaking) all summer because it was so rainy and cool. Now when the power IS being used, why, of course!  Punish us.  They raised the rates when power consumption was LOW too.

OK, this turned into a rant.  Sorry.