Many of us are pet owners.  Sometimes we are called pet parents and I think that happens when love for the pet is obvious and good care is taken for their welfare.  Katie my cat has a blog and it is very easy to see she is loved and cared for.  I am comfortable expressing that in the Cat Blogosphere, as there are many just like me.

That is the prelude. Here comes the point.

The flip side then is the very real love one develops toward pets and other animals.   That love happens because the pet loves us so much.  As has been written thousands of times, that love really IS unconditional.  When you are kind to them they look for that kindness each day. When they feel safe and loved, that is the turning point to unconditional love from them to us.  What a pure love.  They don’t care or note our appearance or what our clothing or what ours and their home looks like.  That home can be a street corner with their person.  The owner and animal are just as loved by one another.

The second part of my point is that love we have for our pet many times extends to other pets, even if  we only see them on the Internet in the form of a blog or on Facebook.  That leaves us achingly vulnerable to the inhuman acts perpetrated on these blameless innocents of whom we are charged to be stewards.  If their innocent little face or body and their story is thrust on us all unknowing, many of we pet parents/owners suffer terribly.  We retain the picture of inhuman cruelty in our minds forever, seeing it again and again no matter how we try to “erase” it.  If we find we have read a description by the usually well meaning person— that description remains  in our memory forever.  An exquisitely painful memory.

These well meaning persons posting these extreme pictures are “preaching to the choir” most often.  Those of us who see it are rarely the guilty ones who have become devilish monsters. (Yes, monsters, as that is what they are, those who do these horrendous things).  We who see the postings are the loving ones, the ones who rescue.  So are the ones who post these things.  I wish they would not show us the intense suffering as that only crushes those of us who happen on it before they can stop looking.  We do all we can to rescue and love all animals and birds we come across and we volunteer.  We give our money.  Those monsters who MAY see such postings revel in it.  It does no good to my way of thinking.  Please just rally people to try to have punishment at the civil level for the perpetrators and to support in ways that are doable.

Just my thought on the matter in the form of a blog.  I have tears in the backs of my eyes as I write because I just ran across one of those pictures posted by a dear friend.  I can’t bear it.