I believe I am headed over the mountains to my son’s home for Mother’s Day.  It has been too long since I made the trip due to circumstances here.  But this time I get to go.  I will have  another Mother’s day  the text weekend with the other two sons here.  Anyone who knows me knows I love my sons more than anyone or any thing.

My pet, Katie is suffering an unusual reaction to the new-to-her allergy shot a week ago last Tuesday.  She is a bit agitated and will not have anything to do with her usual blankets, beds, human or hers, and will just sleep on the floor.  She won’t hardly sit on me and when she does, only for a few minutes. She only slept with me last night. That’s progress though. I hope she comes back to her usual very loving personality. No more of THAT medicine!

I have a sitter for her Friday night, 2 times on Saturday and maybe twice on Sunday if I am late getting home.

Looks like rain while there..and on the way to and back.  I hate when that happens.

Things have been very unpleasant for just several reasons but the worst of those is now over.  It was not me in that case, it was another family member.  As for me, I have had a few issues that are working  through to the end of them, I hope!  🙂

Just saying hello and I hope you are all well my friends.   I took this last May for Mother’s Day.  xox