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Happy Valentine’s Day my friends who happen to see this.  It is very happy for us in our family as the son who has been so ill these three years was pronounced free of anything harmful as off his CT scan he had Monday.  We are joyful.  And thankful.



The New Left

The New Left
Left is the new right, Or, right is the new left. What do I mean? Well, I have mentioned it before in MSN Spaces days.

I mean the people,just moseying’ on along are largely in the so-called passing lane or for my purposes here, the left lane. Those who wish to pass the 10 or so MPH under the speed limit motorists must needs pass on the right which is against the law. Remember the old “no passing on the right” dealio that we learned among other things when we got our drivers license? Well, for the past fifteen years or so if you want to pass, it’s largely going to be on the right.

Why in the world would a fella or lady wanna be in the passing lane if they ain’t passing or speeding? (not that I mean all who go in the left lane should speed. It was a figure of speech pertinent to what I am saying here).

And then, there are the SUV’s who have become a sentient being all on their own as a group. The group of them throughout the Land I mean. They love to feel the love by nestling up against your rear bumper, gently (ahem) urging you to go faster and faster or at get you to least levitate so they can go under or around you. Traffic conditions are not to be a hindrance to you getting out of their way. Yup.

If it’s a two way entrance or exit somewhere and you have a gigantic SUV, yes, indeed, please DO ride down the middle of it leaving the pitiful compact car no where to go and oh! glare down at the pitiful being who’s driving the wee car and forcing you to possibly accommodate by moving over. How rude of the compact car owner. No manners or sense of whose right, those little people.

Observations from here. Do *I* drive in the left lane as a habit. No. Do I crowd folks and glower when I am behind the wheel of my little Toyota? Nope. Just sayin’. Happy Drivin’
I’m riding double with Katie from now on. I’m sure she’s safe.

Fried Chicken

I fried a buncha chicken drumsticks for supper.  My oldest is here over night.  And this time I left the skin on and fried them in…gasp…oil! I dredged them in flour first.  Had some green beans and cheesy noodles too.  I almost made gravy.  You need chicken drippings in grease in the pan to make a proper cream gravy.  I drew the line and didn’t but I sure wanted to.

Got to set the alarm for earlier tomorrow instead of rising with the Katie alarm.  Four or three perhaps soft taps to the face will do the trick.  When I get home from the Big City I need to take my taxes in.

She and I, Miss Katie Isabella, Cat Extraordinaire will head in to the bed here in about fifteen minutes.  Just checking in on you.

Sleep well if you too are going to bed about now and I will see you tomorrow when we get up and do what we are supposed to do.




It’s worth it when you are absolutely suffused with peace for however long that peace is granted to you. It’s worth it when you hear the sound of an airplane above, a single engine plane, and smile. (My used- to- be- hobby till I had children. Then work got very much in the way.)

It’s worth it when the sun is brilliant in the sky and the blue of the sky reminds you of eating a little oblong shaped lemon pie for lunch dessert so long ago in school. Gazing out of the classroom window at the deep blue sky waiting for the teacher to tell us it was lunch time was torture when you were hungry AND had a TastyCake brand TastyPie lemon pie in your lunch bag. Oh, the mouthwatering wait. Those pies of dreams were made in Philly. My favorite pie except for the blueberry TastyPie. I used to beg Daddy to get them for me.

Getting up is worth it when you sleep well enough that when your eyes open, you greet your room with a smile and that means you feel alright and that you are grateful for the safe passage through the night. It’s worth it when you walk through the quiet and ordered stillness of your home, making your way to the kitchen to feed your pet who is patiently waiting. And then, it’s worth it when you smell the coffee brewing.

It’s worth it to walk easily and swiftly throughout your home attending chores and that work done with a smile. The smile is because it’s a privilege to have a home and the means to maintain it.

It’s worth it when you drive past the elementary school and in the distance the children are on the playground shouting and playing. That is music to me. And it’s worth it to smell the freshness of the air on setting foot outside first thing on the way to work out.

That small drift of aroma that is fresh roasted peanuts that appears somehow and someway through your car window when you are lucky. The smell of fresh tar and asphalt too as it brings strong memories.

It’s worth it, that getting up in the morning when you are out in the quiet of a hot and summer scented wildflower meadow. Or on a fresh smelling slightly damp dirt road winding through the woods with green perfume all around you to absolutely get joyful about. And it’s worth it to hear bird wings and bees buzzing, and to look upward and see the leaves beautiful greens almost appearing to be etched onto the blue of the sky.

These are some things that make it worth it to me to get out of bed. Each person has their own personal ingrained list and I would love to read what yours is.

Seriously Siri

I likely should not, but I am going to tell one on me.

I had just learned something about the new location of my workout center and on my way home, wanted to tell it to a good friend. So (and no lectures please) I whipped out my iPhone and pressed the instant on to Siri button. All I had to do was say “send message to——-” When she asked what did I want to say, I started my message. I got one sentence in. I said “Carolyn, you were right……” and Siri said “Do you want me to send it?” I said No. I started again. I pressed the instant to Siri button again (you can do this from the lock screen) and said the same thing. “Send message to Carolyn.” Again, I got about one sentence into it when Siri said “Do you want me to send it?” I said “NO” emphatically! I pressed the button again. I started saying the same thing when I got into my message. I got as far as one sentence, perhaps a word or so after that as well and no surprise…. “Shall I send it?” “NO” shouted I.

She and I went through that two more times and finally after she asked if she should send it on the sixth and last time!!!!! I said loudly in frustration “What in the @$%* is the MATTER with you????” No, that was not nice language of me. It was the H-E-Double Hockey sticks word. Do you know my friends, she answered and said to me “I try to look on the bright side of things”. Gotta laugh. I was still laughing when I got to my destination. A fight with Siri. Good grief!

A taste of Summer to come.  I took it last year.

A taste of Summer to come. I took it last year.