I fried a buncha chicken drumsticks for supper.  My oldest is here over night.  And this time I left the skin on and fried them in…gasp…oil! I dredged them in flour first.  Had some green beans and cheesy noodles too.  I almost made gravy.  You need chicken drippings in grease in the pan to make a proper cream gravy.  I drew the line and didn’t but I sure wanted to.

Got to set the alarm for earlier tomorrow instead of rising with the Katie alarm.  Four or three perhaps soft taps to the face will do the trick.  When I get home from the Big City I need to take my taxes in.

She and I, Miss Katie Isabella, Cat Extraordinaire will head in to the bed here in about fifteen minutes.  Just checking in on you.

Sleep well if you too are going to bed about now and I will see you tomorrow when we get up and do what we are supposed to do.