I bought some pepper and tomato plants and now, there are two tiny peppers.  One just emerging and the other just about golf ball size now.  And there are lots of flowers on the tomato with two just ver golf ball sized ‘maters on it.  I am so happy!  NOW!  If I can keep the raccoons and opossums out of them I will be happy.

This is a container “garden” just getting started really, and I will say here that it is impossible to plant in the yard.  The reason is, as many people from my Blogspot blog know already, I am in a forested area that is filled with deer and other wild life.  The deer come and eat the garden every year as do other animals.  Very discouraging especially when they wait until it is grown well and there are a lot of vegetables to be had.  I have gone out to find them all  eaten and the plants destroyed.  Now, I grow a container garden on my deck way high up.  Thing is…after three years that raccoons and possums finally thought..”hey, CLIMB” and they did.  I gave up for four years and now have tried again.  Wish me luck.

How you doing?  Holler back of you feel like it.  XX