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A few weeks ago, I was standing by my deck door.  Through the vertical blinds, I noticed the security lights come on at the far left side of the house.

I opened the door and saw the reason.  A gray fox.  The first one I have been fortunate enough to see here in the yard. It was glorious; all sleek and shining. 
In my city, which was carved out of a forest, there are public and privately owned greenbelts as they are commonly called here.  I happen to own a home that is situated right on and in a greenbelt.  All of our homes on this street (which, by the way, is approximately 4 miles long), back onto a greenbelt (privately owned by us).   The word “greenbelt” is just my city’s way of saying that you are living on the edge of a forest. 
The City has done a magnificent job of maintaining the Public wooded areas through out the town with preservation a priority.  And with the greenbelts, public or private, come wonderous and beautiful surprises every day.
The fox I saw was just one of many creatures that visit all our yards and areas in the entire city most of the time. 
I have deer coming up to the chain link fence in back and usually, they vault over the fence right into the yard.  I see them frequently. And they haven’t eaten nor have they destroyed anything in my yard to this point. 
I have been priveleged to see the fox, the deer that remain constant visitors, the usual assortment of raccoons, opossums, coyotes and since the re-introduction of red wolves, (who have migrated from the National Park very near by), I have seen a wolf as well.  Sitting on my neighbor’s screened in porch just at twilight last summer we had our first and so far, only personal sighting.
This town is covered up with deer.  There is no getting away from them.  You must watch for them on the streets as they are out in places you would not necessarily think they would go.  They have no particular crossing point.  They roam where they please and when they please.  Up to and including downtown.  It is the proximity of all the greenbelts that shelter them that bring them out.
I live about seven miles from work and when coming home or driving to work, I have traveled carefully as I never know when I will be surprised by another brave hearted deer crossing right in front of me.  There are some heavy shrubs along the street I live on.  I see holes worn through those shrubs and bushes and deer just leaving the entrance of the holes through the bushes and shrubs that the passage of their bodies continually have made.  So I have an idea of some of the more popular places they cross in my immediate neighborhood.
Where I have worked is situated in the city, yet in an unpopulated area.  There I have seen all the animals I just mentioned and Elk as well.  You read correctly.  Elk.  They were introduced into the area several years ago and as they are protected from hunters, they have flourished.  They haven’t breached the town nor do I think they ever will.  They are and will remain less seemingly domesticated than the deer population.
My deck by the way, is up perhaps 6 or 7 feet from the ground and  I have a good visual vantage point.
At twilight, in the Spring and Summer my delight is amplified many fold.
 The entry point for most of the animals in my back garden.
There is not much greater pleasure to me than sitting out at twilight and in the early evening by myself or with a friend, talking quietly, with the  good company of clouds of lightening bugs flashing their greenish/gold light all around.  The crickets, locusts and frogs singing add to the music. The scurry of chipmunks, the heady green scent of all the towering trees around me.  I know the rustle of the trees and brush well as a deer is approaches the salt lick my neighbor supplies them. The snarl of raccoons fighting over my neighbors thrown into the woods dog food is a discordant but natural note in the symphony that plays just for us while the warmth of the evening slowly our melts the ice in our tea.  The stars so clear but shrouded from the telescope by the canopies of the trees.
The feeling of peace is almost surreal.
 Through the Winter and early Spring, I always anticipate the turn of season when I can put out the deck furniture, the table’s umbrella, set a tall glass of tea on it and compose myself to hear the sounds of wild things. 

I forgot my pw so it took me a while to find which one of a zillion pieces of paper I had jotted it down on.

My friend William posted some really cool stuff on his FB and presumably his blog.  He had pictures of himself as a very young man…away at school and he mentioned some bands and songs from the 70’s that I LURVE still to this day.

Now me, I have so few pictures of me from back then.  I have a watercolor rendering of me when I was 13 and 14 however. IF I can find it I will post it.  I put it on my human blog on was showing on Katie Isabella’s bloggie some moths ago as my middle boy found them in my big closet and set about hanging them on the long wall in my bedroom. They were showing in a shot I took of my little lady so I said in her bloggie that they were me.  Other kitties often notice things and comment on them so I just did it first.  I just found a couple.  I am no longer 13 so, these would never make a wanted poster.  🙂


Well, I have fallen down on the job but then, rarely does anyone comes here so what does it matter in the end?  🙂

Craig if you happen to come back, thank you for the visit..that was a lovely surprise.  Viva Vegemite! (or the other one).

I had that bad accident a year ago June 14th…Flag Day here in the US.  It is one year past and while I am using my right arm/wrist admirably and working out, sadly it will never be quite as good as it was.  BUT I am truly grateful for what rehabilitation I do have with it.  90% I would venture to say.  My knees and legs however are another story and I had been forced to come to terms with the unalterable fact that they will never ever serve me as well as the time before the accident.  The injury to the bursa in both knees, the horrific black that my legs turned, the terrible skin infection..all that part went away but the injury to the knee joints remain.  I can walk, work out, but getting up and down is a trial now whereas before, catch me if you can.  However, again, considering the magnitude of the injuries, I am VERY grateful for what I have now.  I seem to be complaining but I am not.  I am simply finally coming to terms with the aftermath.  There are others even I don’t mind saying aloud who have it far and away worse than I do.  God is good.

Meanwhile Katie had her first confrontation with another stray cat.  She was inside…he was outside and they were separated by the storm door.  However they screamed and fought one another with the glass keeping them apart.  I know better than to try to interfere so I sprayed my poor girl who was defending her home  with a spray bottle of water to get her to desist.  THEN I was able to close the door but she growled and maintained the high ridge on her back and the tail that looked like a feather duster.  She is calm now but her days of enjoying looking out the door at the birds and squirrels are gone forever.

I never want to go thru that again.

Been a long while

It has been a long while since I have been here.  No one much comes by so I know no one missed me.

I have been working out since I finished OT on my hand/wrist/arm.  And there are results.  I go three times a week at least.  I look forward to it.  I gave mt treadmill away.  It was wrecking my back and my left foot.  So I still have my free weights and I will add more work to my right arm as it still has not caught up in strength to my left arm that had to do all of the work those months I was in a cast up to my biceps.

But I have been out taking pictures.  Despite the early Spring there are many wild flowers yet to come up.  I am so looking forward to that.  I missed the entire season last year due to that horrible trio of injuries.  I am so grateful it’s done and over with.

I have my new little girl cat called Kathryn Isabella.  They said she was three (she is a rescue) but I think she is younger.  To many kitten-like actions.  She is a delight and very loving.  Glad I have her.

Well..let’s go back and see if I can make a comment on Bill McTell’s post now.



New Day

Well, I worked out again today and I’ll have to go again in the morning to get my three times in for the week.  I still enjoy it.  I don’t necessarily do on my way there or even while I do it sometimes but I am always gratified when I see and feel the results.  My entire fitness program I had made for myself collapsed when I broke my right wrist June 14th and grievously injured both legs to the point of hardly being able to walk.

I lost the muscle tone I have spent a long time acquiring and the arm that was in a cats for 7 weeks above my elbow! was in horrible shape when the cast finally came off.  You never know how wasted a limb can look under a cast until it comes off.  What an eye opener.

Nasty looking with peeling skin for weeks due to not being able to scrub and/or shough off dead skin cells which occurs naturally in a day and in the shower. So a lot of that to get off; YUK to the extreme, and my arm looked half the volume of my left one it was so squeezed in by the cast for so long.  Took 8 weeks of rehab to get back most of my range of motion.  Now I do that on my own and working out has helped.

I had and still do, like, Superman left arm biceps and other arm musculature due to the fact that my left arm had to do all the work of dressing me and any other thing that neeed to be done.  My right arm from top to wrist was like a stick of soft butter when that cast came off.  I am SO grateful that normal use of it and the working out is making a difference.  Several more months will find me with strong arms again.  Goodness, I was so proud once of my triceps.  No worry about waggling under arms for me.  Spending a couple months in a see how transient your efforts can be.  YOu must oftentimes start again.  So…I have.

All done with this yucky journey into my recent past.  Oh, and I made two dear new friends through this.  On-line bloggers who called me and made sweet get-well things.  YOu find out who your friends are…and are not for that matter when you are un-well.


Time Passing Rather quickly.

Well, we are here again, me’n’her and time is passing.  We are closer to Christmas and that is when we discovered her illness last year, a few days before Christmas.  We thought we would lose this fur girl but she has struggled to make it all the way to this next Christmas.

It got up to 72 degrees F., a record breaker for the area yesterday.  Today rain started and tonight a cold front will have made its way over and there will be a possibility of snow showers.  Heavier snow will fall in the Smoky Mountains near by.

Tomorrow is the day all of my colleagues both working and not, get together. I hope to goodness it isn’t pouring rain at that time.  Hard to make a good entrance when its blowing rain out there.  🙂  I like to make a good impression. I’ll always and ever be a diva.  :-)))

I am LOVING my three times a week workout.  I can see a big difference already after just 5 or so weeks.  My musculature is come back in my legs and derriere, and forming again in my lame arm…the right one where I broke my wrist so badly last June 14th.  Being in a cast so long made the muscles in that arm, top to bottom atrophy and so I have had to re-build.  I am making good progress there as well. Almost ready to arm wrestle.

Hope you are all well.  I have been terrible about keeping this one up.

Well, I wore my thumb joint out doing everyday things as the therapist said and so I had to skip round 5 of my home therapy sessions this time due to pain.  I will be a little more judicious next few days but I do have a therapy session in the morning..shudder.

Went out this morning and painfully took some landscape photos. Unable to take many flowers now as the season passed me by while I was laid up with a cast on my right arm and half dead knees.  I’ll just have to anticipate next summer all over again.  Things could be worse after all. Least I ain’t dead.

Here’s one from last October…hope you enjoy.  I just submitted it to my local newspaper and they accepted it for printing.  Makes me feel super. 




It must be ME again!

Here I am in August..7 weeks have passed since my accident and I have had the cast off for several days and into physical therapy.  I do all of the therapy myself following instructions.  I am to go to the therapy center 2 times aweek to see the occupational therapist who specializes in hands.  I can tell there is a wee bit of progress already here on day 4.

I hope all of you are well and enjoying the summer.  The thing I miss this summer is not being able to use my camera.  Its too big and heavy and added lenses make it more so.  It makes me a lot sad to miss all of the beautiful flowers and insects.

I had abig adventure at the hair salon but mentioned that in my Blogspot bloggie. Part 2 tomorrow. 🙂

Look what my kitty won?  A Gallery Wrap canvas of herself!


Monday! All day long

Thought I would come by for a moment at 7 in the morning.  I have had my morning snuggles by the Boss of the house.  (she really is you know..and she doesn’t even know it).

I have had two pieces of toast with honey and I’m working still on a cup of coffee.  Justw anted to say good morning.

It is continuing to be in the mid 90’s every day.  As I mentioned in my BlogSpot blog, in the month of May we broke records  for cold (high of 56) and heat in the month of May.  We have already broken and tied a record for heat in June.  A veritable weather roller coaster.

I may see if the pet sitter is available this weekend and just leave here  for a quick trip over the mountains, for pete sake.  I have not been able to leave  since last October!  She got very sick last Christmas-there were constant trips to the Vet- and now, she is eating thanks to the steroid pill she takes each day so it is likely OK to leave her. Good grief.

Just checking in.



I have to get ready for the day.  I did my treadmilling and weights.  I need to change clothes and head out with the camera. I have things other than that to do as well.

I’m waiting on the Boss to come out from her morning nap under the bed and have her treats’s, aka her daily pill. Hopefully by the time I get out of the door and gone, and before I come back, she will have.

Her wee bones are much better dressed these days.  I run my hands over her fur in petting and the scary feeling of all of her bones protruding doesn’t happen now.  They are covered with some flesh instead of just long fur.  May she continue on this road of recovery.

It’s only 0940, I have a lot of time to get out of here but the light will be bad for pictures any later than this.  I may have to wait till late this afternoon. Direct sun is so not good for picture taking.

Did I put a photo of my boys’ hail damaged car?  Here it is..can’t really be enlarged as I took it from a small offering in another place.  The adjusters will finaly be looking at it this Sunday afternoon.  The pock marks are completely all over the car..nothing was spared.  These were golf ball sized by and large.