We have had a great day.  We have been gone all of it..that was part of the fun but we also had lunch out ( I know..I’m always doing that but not with them).  And then, we headed to a small town near by and walked the stores up and down the street.  Man, I parted with some serious money.  We hit a couple of antique stores (I wish my son had not got me hooked on those type of places.  He got me started because he is always canvassing them for furniture for his new home). I left them some of my hard earned cash.  One thing I got was 5, count ’em, 5 World War ll ration coupon books with stamps still in them!  YES!  I only had one up till now that I bought in a coin shop in Charlotte. 
I am also a textile hussy and have to have textiles. Always looking for linens and embroidered things.   I found a few hand embroidered runners for tables and dressers.  I have done a lot of work like that in the past and recently and love seeing anyone else’s.  So I bought several.  AND one of the shops had old ancient magazines..PIC and LIFE..LOOK etc for about ten dollars each, so I got three of those.  Movie stars from that time..OH hold me back!  Two were published in 1941 and one is a 1979 LIFE magazine.  (A very good year) Then, I actually found a place that repairs stuff..even appliances etc.  Be still my heart!!!!  I told him that he could have two of my sons just because the shop existed.  He decided against the honor but was glad I offered. 
I saw an oak card catalogue holder from a library..a big one..solid oak of course for the too much price of $450.00.  No way.  I want something like that for some gemstone roughs..CD’s and DVD’s.  I saw a Secretary desk in a dark walnut…oh HUBBA HUBBA DING DONG DING!!!!!!!!!!!!  I may have to slip back there and get that thing.  First I have to create a place for it.
I haven’t been around much because of the kids but while I am always not physically here at the house that much, still, when it’s family I tend to stay off media so I won’t miss a minute.
Miss Catt got herself a Twitter account, can you believe it???  Twitter was overwhelmed last night so she was unable to even follow me, never mind anything else.  She is called MissusCatt. Some person took her name of Miss Catt.  She was mortified!!! How dare they!?
Just wanted to stick my head in your front doors and holler..like Gomer, I said "Hey".