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Things I’m Suddenly Tired Of

That title is a phrase—“things I’m suddenly tired of” that a former owner and publisher of my local newspaper used to say as the header of an editorial.  It had to do with stock and catch phrases he was sick and tired of hearing due to over use.  He would make that a feature maybe three times a year.

I can only think of a few.  I will write them here and no doubt my BlogSpot blog will be much like this one.

The first thing that makes me want to stuff a sock in the mouth of any announcer,  TV “personality,” friend, or  perhaps a stranger standing near by is that SO overused phrase “At the end of the day.”  S-T-O-P!!   Q-U-I-T!!  CEASE!!

Then, the incessant ridiculous constant never-ending phrase “Good Morning to you” on ABC  news..morning, night and all spots in between.  S-T-O-P!!  Don’t SAY that.  Get OVER it! Get ON with the so-called news..quit with the inane puerile fake greetings.

Then the word “Fail” or worse, EPIC Fail.  STOP. QUIT.  Find another word.  Read synonyms if you have to.  Go to and look up words in a thesaurus!  Find another word for fail.  Please.

Then, there is the overused and blindingly dull word “Physicality” used on Sports shows.  If I would make wavery letters to spell out the word STOP here, I would.  STOP for pete sake.

Just complaining.  How are YOU doing?  

I was having the most awful time just getting a book light out of its packaging yesterday, and that reminded me of a rant I had meant to post before.  That is the so-called "clam shell" packaging.  That extremely rigid and hard to open packaging is something that we can’t get away from and "they" get away with.
I have read countless times how so many people are injured (I know I have been) when trying to open those packs.  Most people are cut on their hands or arms if the packaging slips while they are struggling with it.  If they are unfortunate enough to be sitting..then sometimes they will slip on the hard plastic and cut or puncture their leg.  I saw something in a popular consumer magazine that the packaging is such to allow shipment from who knows where in the world, and it not be broken.  The heck with YOU and whether or not you are broken trying to open the thing!  There is no reason for packaging to be like that.  They do that because they can.
It was 47 degrees here when I got up.  68 in the house.  SUNNY!  I will enjoy that while I still can!!  We had 4 inches of rain just on Saturday here where I live. 
I got my cable bill yesterday.  It was breathtaking.  It went up $23.00.  Yes, twenty three dollars from last month to this!  Because they can. And they said their rates would rise again November 1.  Also, looking at their bill details, I had not realized until today that I pay sales tax on everything every month.  Each service.  Sales tax on digital phone, And the franchise fees are enough to make you look twice. 
I see the batteries in my cordless mouse are "critical" from the message that just came up so I will change those. 
Go forth and have a fun day and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. 

I wish I could hear or read a bit of news regarding the recession without the penny ante, beat-it-to-death, gotta get readership and listeners at any cost, same old same- old stupid remarks by the local TV and newspaper media.

Why, Rambling On!  What on earth do you mean?

Simply put, I feel that the media has made things worse for the economy in a general sort of way.  No, certainly they are not responsible in any way for the mess we are in.  BUT their fear mongering has made a discernible difference I feel.  By ‘fear mongering’ I mean their so-called editorial remarks..either verbal or written in the newspapers reporting an upturn in the economy!  GASP!  An upturn!  Oh NO!  Without a disaster and tragedy no one will read us or listen to us,.  We have to down play this positive news! I am referring to indicators such as either housing starts or general buying that is out of the necessary.  After such reporting, they always insert "But, will it last?" or similar remarks that cast doubt in the minds of viewers who tend to let the media do their research and thinking for them out of convenience.

Without going into the paragraphs I want to go into here, I will spare you and just get to the other point I wanted to make.  If the media cast doubt in the minds of their readers/viewers that the economy is indeed on its way back up again, then that doubt will cause, not unsurprisingly, fear and doubt more strongly in the minds of those who are not willing to think for themselves and analyze what they read and hear.  In turn, they will not spend. 

Now granted, I am waaaaaay over simplifying to make a point,  The point is I think the media have no sense of responsibility and I think the media pander to the lowest common denominator.  Yup.  That’s my point.