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Guys, girls, kitties and woofies, I think maybe it’s time to stop with FB.  The everlasting hatred gushing out from individuals is like a wash of boiling lava each time I log in.  No, it’s not directed to me personally as I keep all but simple everyday life out of my page and blogs.  But others are exercising their rights to say what they wish.  Unfortunately whatever it is, I am sometimes taken unaware and see it as I see the newsfeed.

*sad ears* is what Katie indicated.



Jan 16th will be the Day

On January 16, it will be Kathryn Isabella’s Gotcha Day.  That means this little girl Tuxedo cat will have been here since that date in 2012.  She made herself right at home with me, the house and everyone in it.  And we are grateful that she is here.  A more loving cat will ever be found.

She is likely to have a small feast set out on that day on her blog to celebrate with her friends in the Cat Blogosphere, i.e. the CB. She, and I think Mariodacat as well,  will co-host if he isn’t too busy in his own home in WI.

Today,I got to walk after working out for once instead of having to trawl the big box stores to get in some steps as the temperatures have been single digits and snow or rain.  The temperature today was mild enough not to make it totally miserable so I got to go to the park and walk.  I will likely trawl a big store  anyway at 1800hrs.  this evening to gather a few essentials. That will add to the steps I have accumulated so far today.  I have a FitBit.  It really helps motivate me.  They build in great motivators including fireworks displays when you reach those goals you have put in the device.  I love seeing the fireworks go off when I have so-many “active minutes”. After that extraordinary surgery in 2015 it indeed took the year they said it would to recover.  So I didn’t get started building back up till this Spring.  I am grateful.

Just checking in.  Here is the celebrant.  🙂



It’s Snowing!

You know, I didn’t think it would snow.  The weather guessers love to wind everyone up with as bad a picture as they can paint without going into total overtime lying.  They love getting people to hang on their every word, boost their ratings and make silly runs on the grocery stores.  I make it a point to do neither.  However, I am not totally out of touch.  I look at or listen to the weather once a day. And I have a great app called Dark Sky.  I was watching the local station this morning since indeed, it DID start snowing.  They had, as they always do, interns of the station posted hither and yon, “reporting” on the progress of the snow…of which there was none yet.  Listening to their inexperienced voices (not knowing what to say to fill in the time the station allowed) is a waste of time which is why I usually don’t watch.  Now..the exception is tornado time. There we have the experience weather casters only and for hours at a time.   We are called Dixie Alley here and we have tornadoes years round…regardless if it is winter.  Not every month all the time but they will occur if the conditions are right in January and February.  November and December too.  Those things have increased in frequency a lot in the past 8 years or so.  Scary business.

Who watches MacGyver in re-runs?  Got a question for you.

Regarding the old car, I took it at a car show a few summers ago.

Car Show

Where Have I Been?

Well, unbelievable that it has been a solid year and two months since I was here.  But it has been.  A lot has happened but all of it is boring except to me and the family.  Well, it’s boring tome and the family too.  So you are spared.

No one comes here to this blog any longer.  The MSN Live Spaces Blogs that closed down years ago were kind enough to get each of the millions of bloggers on their site a blog with WP if we wanted.  They even ported over the old blogs and comments from all of those MSNLiveSpaces blogs.  No pictures but the rest is intact.  I took advantage of that really wonderful offer in order to keep my thoughts from the 7 years or more that I was on Live Spaces.  It was a “human” blog with my Tortie cat,  whom I dubbed “Miss Catt” was a fault frequent walk on.  Since going to Blogger, my cat, (Miss Catt passed away in 2011 and occasionally blogs from the Rainbow Bridge) Katie has her blog that is strictly about and for her.  I have my “human” one with some mentions of Katie in it.

Just checking by.  I must say, SP has a most excellent Spam filter!  Never seen the like although Blogger does well too.

See you soon.  But don’t call me a big baboon.  🙂




All 1 of you who read this  blog  🙂  if you or anyone you know can help my dear friend whose kitty was diagnosed so far with a grave physical problem…see here below please at the link provided, this is MY kitty’s blog.  And today’s story explains.

My friend will see that her cat has the surgery, what she is hoping for is anyone who has had a pet go through this and their pets’ prognosis.  She worried sick as he is a much loved member of her family just as Katie Isabella is of mine.

XXOO to all 1 of you.  Katie Isabella Feb 6DSC_4509

Katie Isabella

Little girl still isn’t herself BUT she is not as bad as she has been these two weeks.  It occurred to me since her favorite brother is here for the afternoon and tonight that her downturn and his leaving are about the same time.  Could this have been all about missing him?  They ARE very close.

She has a full blood panel done yesterday when she returned to the Vet.  I haven’t heard anything and like;y will not until the results are returned to the Office.  Then they will call me I assume or certainly I will be calling them.

I am making spaghetti and meat sauce tonight and rolls for supper.  Since my surgery I am having to be careful with salt and I believe I may have over indulged this past week.  As with most folks…until I get used to having even less, it will be difficult.  I draw the line at no salt on eggs and potatoes however.  I won’t put on much, but I sure will have some.

Guess I will hang it up for now and go see if Katie wants to play with her wand toys.  She had a nice bath in the middle of the night rolled up tightly next to me.

See ya..

No one is reading this so it doesn’t matter I suppose that I take so long to write here. 🙂

Anyway, here it is July and it got here as quickly as I always say it will. New Years Day happens and turn around one and blink your eyes and it’s July. Do the same again…maybe blink twice and it’s Christmas. Time passes so quickly. There is an explanation if you will as to why time seems to pass so quickly (or perhaps it does in fact pass quickly) and the book is entitled “Future Shock” by Alvin Toffler. It was written somewhere in the 70’s. I certainly made an impression on me!

Meanwhile, here I am, laboring away at this unseen bloggie. If you happen by, a great good day to you.


Happy Valentine’s Day my friends who happen to see this.  It is very happy for us in our family as the son who has been so ill these three years was pronounced free of anything harmful as off his CT scan he had Monday.  We are joyful.  And thankful.


The New Left

The New Left
Left is the new right, Or, right is the new left. What do I mean? Well, I have mentioned it before in MSN Spaces days.

I mean the people,just moseying’ on along are largely in the so-called passing lane or for my purposes here, the left lane. Those who wish to pass the 10 or so MPH under the speed limit motorists must needs pass on the right which is against the law. Remember the old “no passing on the right” dealio that we learned among other things when we got our drivers license? Well, for the past fifteen years or so if you want to pass, it’s largely going to be on the right.

Why in the world would a fella or lady wanna be in the passing lane if they ain’t passing or speeding? (not that I mean all who go in the left lane should speed. It was a figure of speech pertinent to what I am saying here).

And then, there are the SUV’s who have become a sentient being all on their own as a group. The group of them throughout the Land I mean. They love to feel the love by nestling up against your rear bumper, gently (ahem) urging you to go faster and faster or at get you to least levitate so they can go under or around you. Traffic conditions are not to be a hindrance to you getting out of their way. Yup.

If it’s a two way entrance or exit somewhere and you have a gigantic SUV, yes, indeed, please DO ride down the middle of it leaving the pitiful compact car no where to go and oh! glare down at the pitiful being who’s driving the wee car and forcing you to possibly accommodate by moving over. How rude of the compact car owner. No manners or sense of whose right, those little people.

Observations from here. Do *I* drive in the left lane as a habit. No. Do I crowd folks and glower when I am behind the wheel of my little Toyota? Nope. Just sayin’. Happy Drivin’
I’m riding double with Katie from now on. I’m sure she’s safe.

Fried Chicken

I fried a buncha chicken drumsticks for supper.  My oldest is here over night.  And this time I left the skin on and fried them in…gasp…oil! I dredged them in flour first.  Had some green beans and cheesy noodles too.  I almost made gravy.  You need chicken drippings in grease in the pan to make a proper cream gravy.  I drew the line and didn’t but I sure wanted to.

Got to set the alarm for earlier tomorrow instead of rising with the Katie alarm.  Four or three perhaps soft taps to the face will do the trick.  When I get home from the Big City I need to take my taxes in.

She and I, Miss Katie Isabella, Cat Extraordinaire will head in to the bed here in about fifteen minutes.  Just checking in on you.

Sleep well if you too are going to bed about now and I will see you tomorrow when we get up and do what we are supposed to do.