Happy Easter. Blessed Easter I should say, for He is Risen.

It is raining and chilly but then it is ALWAYS raining and chilly.  Well to be more accurate we get maybe 8 sunny days a month.  ‘Strewth. I don’t know what has happened but the constant stream of rain etc coming from the Gulf of Mexico and those States, LA. ALA and so forth just wear us out. 

The youngest son will be marrying May 25th.  There will be a bridal shower, one of many MANY for the bride April 24th.  This one is for family only.  It’s at the Whitestone Inn in Kingston. I have not been there but I soon will be.  I have a white linen skirt I will likely wear and a linen top in raspberry.

OK..pop quiz!  Question one and only is: Who can tell me how large in width a roll of Scott Tissue was in, say, 1980?  It says it is still 1000 sheets.  Okay BUT those thousand sheets are very narrow; taking about 2/3’s of the roller that hold the toilet paper.  The present rolls look like a roll of scotch tape or something on the TP roll as they are so thin, so short and so on but they say it’s a thousand sheets.  Yeah..of amazingly thin tissue.  Slipped a rant in.


Katie Isabella in her Easter Bonnet, with all the frills upon it.