Hi Mary.  No one else IS reading this but you so I am writing to you.  I had forgotten I was on my WP bloggie when I commented on your bloggie and then I found you had a WP one as well.  All my blogs from Microsoft Live Spaces are on here,  imported by them as a very kind gesture when they closed Live Spaces.

Those of us who were on it so long miss it still along with the dear friends we made there. Sone of us meet on a closed group on Face Book. I don’t blame them, MSN,  for closing Live Spaces that they kindly provided for free, as they were tying to make it more like Twitter– which was new at that time, Too many of the people who used that blogging format which MSN Live Spaces provided for us to create and maintain blogs,  spent too much time sending the developers horrible nasty vindictive emails full of invective and cursing.  The emails were public.  I guess after years of nothing but filthiness and invective they decided who needs it?

Anyway, I’m with you on not wanting to see dead animals whether hunted legally or not.  Nor do I want to see abuse and so on.  So we see the same side of things there.

xxoo I’ll be back TOO!  🙂