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I bought some pepper and tomato plants and now, there are two tiny peppers.  One just emerging and the other just about golf ball size now.  And there are lots of flowers on the tomato with two just ver golf ball sized ‘maters on it.  I am so happy!  NOW!  If I can keep the raccoons and opossums out of them I will be happy.

This is a container “garden” just getting started really, and I will say here that it is impossible to plant in the yard.  The reason is, as many people from my Blogspot blog know already, I am in a forested area that is filled with deer and other wild life.  The deer come and eat the garden every year as do other animals.  Very discouraging especially when they wait until it is grown well and there are a lot of vegetables to be had.  I have gone out to find them all  eaten and the plants destroyed.  Now, I grow a container garden on my deck way high up.  Thing is…after three years that raccoons and possums finally thought..”hey, CLIMB” and they did.  I gave up for four years and now have tried again.  Wish me luck.

How you doing?  Holler back of you feel like it.  XX

Finally Spring

Hi and Hello.  This is the third day in a row that has sun!  Unbelievable.  Rain and overcast are a nailed down fact around here in where I live.  These past going on four years are way above average for non-sunny days and rain.  I guess  now that will become the norm.

I have had two great walks…one each day these past two days.  I will and have walked many times in the gloom, drizzle and freezing cold or below freezing.  Walking in the sunshine is a rare treat these past  four years.  I won’t walk in hard rain.  Just too unpleasant.

None of my friends want to walk with me.  I gave up asking,  Only family will when they are here. If I call’s always “I’m not dressed” or “I don’t feel like walking” or they are watching a favorite TV show.  I would love to have company but I am used to going alone.  I “hit the trail” so to speak, as often as I can as there have been and will be again, times when keeping that  walking schedule up becomes impossible because of family demands on my time.  I am glad to oblige.  I know I would have the same for me if needed.  During that very serious time in mid July a few years ago, someone stayed here to help ME.  So it all comes out in the wash.

Nothing new to tell you.  Only that the sun is shining and I am happy as can be aboutthat happening.  And it is warm..i.e. high 60’s…that’s great too. No humidity yet but it is coming quickly.

I believe I will go get my market umbrella and clean the tiny bistro set out on the deck and enjoy the beauty of the day.

I know…borrrring. 🙂

Here was what is waiting for me (see below) …and skeeters too when I take my Nikon DSLR out on a picture quest here before another month is up!  I like macro photography and so I’m in the bushes a LOT looking for insects and extreme flower closeups.

tick  beware DSC_2725




Another Rainy Day

Good morning!  Yet another rainy day.  Yesterday was  rainy as well, but we got 2 sunny days out of the month so far! Better than none.

Tried eating my main meal for lunch. Now I feel like I swallowed a slab of concrete.  I was wanting to see if I would be less hungry for supper.  Right now the idea of eating is not appealing.

Giving some thought to quitting Katie’s blog and FaceBook.  I keep saying that but  I haven’t done so.  However, the thought remains—so I must want to and likely will.  Not many will notice as there are so many other cat blogs in the Cat Blogosphere. And as for Face Book…good grief.  That’s not too useful for anything.

I will keep Flickr or another picture hosting site, and let that be it probably.  Katie has been saying the same things for quite some time now as had Admiral before her.  She doesn’t seem to be likely to find a fresh approach. My own personal blog (on BlogSpot) well…I may just let it stay there lying fallow, as storage.  Just as this blog is storage mainly, as no one except two dear people…Shimona and AngelsWhisper know I am here.  🙂

I am going out into the rain here shortly to see if I can find a pet hair removing vacuum.  Looked in Consumer Reports Buying Guide.  There may be one in no less a place than Wally World!  It’s a Bissel. Under a hundred dollars in cost to me.  There are others that are even more excellent in getting up embedded pet hair,  but they are 3-9 times more expensive.   This one has 1 tick in the “excellent” column whereas the more expensive ones have 2 ticks in said column. One is good enough for me.

See ya later, Gator’s.  This here be the sky last Fall…

ah well...

Tell you what!  It was 29  degrees F when I left the house, got in the car and started up to where I always do my walkie.  As I was going on down the street, a man crossed the street in front of me wearing: Hawaiian print tank top.  Shorts, and I don’t mean long ones.  AND…ta -dahhhhh…bare feet!  Now, I have seen sights like this increasingly the past 6 years and blog about it and even Face Book about it occasionally but bare feet?  Twenty six degrees F??

I was in a heavy jacket, thick walking shoes (even in the summer.  (These are THE most supportive shoes I have ever ever had)   long pants and thick lined with fleece leather gloves.

Just speak into the microphoneDSC_3765

Hope you enjoy my flower.



ImagePhotoFunia-ae9585Hello…Back again to see if I can make a blog here.  I noticed that if I tried to comment on a comment that was made in this blog’s responses area, WP will not allow that.  I have discovered a workaround that WILL allow me to comment on WP free only, blogs out in the wild– while I am on my or Katie’s Google account helping Katie with her own blog and while I am helping her comment on other Anipal’s bloggies. …whereas before it was a no-go.  Only the paid for WP blogs allowed me to comment.  Again, go figure.

Katie is asleep in her crow’s nest in her tree.  Snoring  sweetly.  Nothing like that little nose up in my ear at night while I *try* to sleep and she IS asleep, pressed tightly into my face and ear.  Snoring up close and personal.  Bless her.  I am now so used to her lying on my head and her face into mine that I might miss her if she doesn’t.  But perhaps I would sleep better if she did not.

Only one or two people will see this other than the spammers (which WP is excellent at getting rid of) so here I will say that I am going with Katie’s favorite brover in the morning for his PET scan.  Has to be.  Katie wishes she could go too as she adores him.

Other favorite brother, the teacher one, will be here mid -afternoon tomorrow as well, and stay the weekend to help celebrate Katie’s other other favorite brover’s son’s birthday.  In other words, my grandson will be having a birthday.   🙂  Katie has three favorite brovers!!  All Cat men.  I reared them right.

Think I will make sure as m=uch as I can now that all is in readiness for my son arriving tomorrow.  I should be back from the Big City and having been with the oldest during the PET scan.





Thank You

Hello new friends to this blog.  I have neglected it quite often because of password confessions for unknown reasons the past 8 months or so.  I still cannot comment on all WP blogs from Katie Isabela’s account on BlogSpot.  Neither Katie nor I know what happened.  This is true even when I come here to this blog and try to comment on another WP blog.  WP seems to think I am still on  Maybe it’s taking steroids or somethin’.


Bacon (if this publishes) is that you who followed?  I love that and I appreciate it.  I will try again to follow you.  I hope WP is in a better mood than when I tried the last time.

Spring is mostly here now.  My daffodils and tulips and hyacinths are all blooming.  The neighbors forsythia is for some time.  Crabapple blossoms are faded and falling as are the tulip poplar blooms.  Some folks call that tree a magnolia.  Here, it’s called Tulip poplar.  The blooms look very like tulips!

It is sunny today which around here is odd.  We have had tons of rain for about 4 years now.  That is not at all the norm.

See you very soon and thank you again.  XX

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Held to Nothing in the Blog

I have this Word Press blog.  I may be able to write something today but WP won’t allow me to comment on other blogs…WP or Google BlogSpot.  This is all new.  I contacted them and they said change your PW which I did..numerous times.  But I still can’t even comment on my own blog here if someone asks me something…nor can I comment on other WP blogs unless they are the paid-for ones.  Free ones like this..nope.   It’s sad.



Troubles..I got ’em

Guys, I have had the worst conflicts between my google account and my Word Press…trying to comment on WP blogs while on my Google account.


Going to see how I do this time!   Wish I knew where the file insert thingy went.  I don;t see it anymore as I write.  I wanted to add a picture.



Guys, girls, kitties and woofies, I think maybe it’s time to stop with FB.  The everlasting hatred gushing out from individuals is like a wash of boiling lava each time I log in.  No, it’s not directed to me personally as I keep all but simple everyday life out of my page and blogs.  But others are exercising their rights to say what they wish.  Unfortunately whatever it is, I am sometimes taken unaware and see it as I see the newsfeed.

*sad ears* is what Katie indicated.


Jan 16th will be the Day

On January 16, it will be Kathryn Isabella’s Gotcha Day.  That means this little girl Tuxedo cat will have been here since that date in 2012.  She made herself right at home with me, the house and everyone in it.  And we are grateful that she is here.  A more loving cat will ever be found.

She is likely to have a small feast set out on that day on her blog to celebrate with her friends in the Cat Blogosphere, i.e. the CB. She, and I think Mariodacat as well,  will co-host if he isn’t too busy in his own home in WI.

Today,I got to walk after working out for once instead of having to trawl the big box stores to get in some steps as the temperatures have been single digits and snow or rain.  The temperature today was mild enough not to make it totally miserable so I got to go to the park and walk.  I will likely trawl a big store  anyway at 1800hrs.  this evening to gather a few essentials. That will add to the steps I have accumulated so far today.  I have a FitBit.  It really helps motivate me.  They build in great motivators including fireworks displays when you reach those goals you have put in the device.  I love seeing the fireworks go off when I have so-many “active minutes”. After that extraordinary surgery in 2015 it indeed took the year they said it would to recover.  So I didn’t get started building back up till this Spring.  I am grateful.

Just checking in.  Here is the celebrant.  🙂