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I’m grateful to BE home all in one piece, of course. But man alive, because of the helicopter flying to support stabilization of the rock slide area in Harmon NC, it was a hot, humid and sit-in-stopped-traffic-engine- off in a more than 20 mile back up.  The NCDOT had it on their website that they would stop traffic over half an hour this day but I had no way of knowing that so I found out the hard way.  Just think, I started out 0845 this home 1545.  Should have been a 5 hr. trip but the going was 20 or so mph before the full stop and that’s where I started to lose any time.  Then there was the, I am sincere as can be with this next, BLINDING rain  I ran into about 70 miles from home.  Blinding rain where it actually scared me as I truly could not see thru the windshield.  I couldn’t stop on the Interstate of course but hoping I would not be hit from behind, I let off from the 35 mph I was going in the hard rain before the deluge, to about 15mph.  So was everyone else it turns out.  We just crept like that for quite a few miles. 
Some dare devils who didn’t want to slow down hydroplaned and were in some serious wrecks along the median.  I did that once and I will never ever drive fast in horrific driving rain.  I had hydroplaned at 55 mph in so-so rain once upon a time but that was my fault as I had no idea my tires were no longer good.  Another error I will not make again.  Taught me a good lesson.  Seven hours later then here I am.  The car was jammed with stuff even 3, 28 # boxes of unscented litter for Her Majesty.  They have it here but not my preferred brand.
My Miss Catt came out and I just stayed on the floor with her for maybe 10 minutes and then brought the stuff in.  Took quite a while to get it squared away.
I tried to upload a picture of what  turns out to be a 1957 Thunderbird.  I thought ’55.  But Spaces refuses.


Wet ‘n Wild

Good Grief, am I tired or what?

I got home mid afternoon to an anxious and attention starved cat,  She refuses to come out for anyone who takes care of her, always has and always will as she is bonded mostly to me and the three boys.  My very good friend volunteered to come and see to her twice a day all these days since Friday morning and did Miss Catt come out and say thanks?  No.  So, I went straight to the floor when I got home and I have had a little burr stuck to me since.  Her purring was so loud and varied in tone it was almost musical. I had to brush her, comb her, pet her, love on her, carry her and talk to her before anything else got done.  LONG afterward I got to bring in the things from the car.  I am extremely sleepy with just 3 or so hours of sleep so I will visit tomorrow my dears,.  But I did look in on you while I was gone when I got the computer for a few minutes.  IT’s 8PM and I will be crashing in half an hour.

Calvary Baptist Church in Charlotte.  I think that is where Dale Earnhart’s wake was it was his church.  If I have the wrong race car driver. truly I ask you to forgive me,  I am not up on any of that. Click on the picture to make it larger.  It was raining to beat the band so not a good looking picture what with gloom and rain.

I call this "those thingies".  There are four of them.  Here is what they are and where they are in Charlotte.  And again, it was raining to beat the band and I took this as we went by in the car with the window down and my hair soaking up wet!  Ewww.

Below is that small delicate Lennox China Company dish.  I got it on sale and had to have it.  BB&B had it.

See you tomorrow…sleep well.