Hello new friends to this blog.  I have neglected it quite often because of password confessions for unknown reasons the past 8 months or so.  I still cannot comment on all WP blogs from Katie Isabela’s account on BlogSpot.  Neither Katie nor I know what happened.  This is true even when I come here to this blog and try to comment on another WP blog.  WP seems to think I am still on Blogspot.com.  Maybe it’s taking steroids or somethin’.


Bacon (if this publishes) is that you who followed?  I love that and I appreciate it.  I will try again to follow you.  I hope WP is in a better mood than when I tried the last time.

Spring is mostly here now.  My daffodils and tulips and hyacinths are all blooming.  The neighbors forsythia is for some time.  Crabapple blossoms are faded and falling as are the tulip poplar blooms.  Some folks call that tree a magnolia.  Here, it’s called Tulip poplar.  The blooms look very like tulips!

It is sunny today which around here is odd.  We have had tons of rain for about 4 years now.  That is not at all the norm.

See you very soon and thank you again.  XX