My little Tuxedo cat, Kathryn Isabella is becoming a bit more amply proportioned I must say.  I look down at her as she passes and her little sides bow out slightly.  I recall that she was nine pounds even  she first came home with me in the third week of January.  When I took her to the Vet’s Office to have her claws trimmed she was nine and a half pounds.  She and I must be more careful about her meals.  It is easy to over-feed when the little one is so pretty and asks so nicely.

I am headed over the mountains again on Wednesday of next week.  I will go to see my son in Charlotte and I am looking forward to not having to do additional travel as soon as I get there as I did when Devon was in military school.  He graduated in June and now that part is done.  I confess that I am glad.

My camera is back in business after having my 18-200 lens repaired.  Doing without that lens and just having the 50 mm one was horrible.  I take too many close ups to deal with a 50 mm where my feet do the “zooming” and sometimes that’s impossible.

As is most of the Country it is beastly hot here.  I spend most of the days perspiring as soon as I breach the doorway. And the a/c is constantly on.  $$$$.

I’m just checking in to say hello to those who do look in.  I always appreciate that my friends, and thank you for the visit.

Here is Kathryn Isabella..