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ImagePhotoFunia-ae9585Hello…Back again to see if I can make a blog here.  I noticed that if I tried to comment on a comment that was made in this blog’s responses area, WP will not allow that.  I have discovered a workaround that WILL allow me to comment on WP free only, blogs out in the wild– while I am on my or Katie’s Google account helping Katie with her own blog and while I am helping her comment on other Anipal’s bloggies. …whereas before it was a no-go.  Only the paid for WP blogs allowed me to comment.  Again, go figure.

Katie is asleep in her crow’s nest in her tree.  Snoring  sweetly.  Nothing like that little nose up in my ear at night while I *try* to sleep and she IS asleep, pressed tightly into my face and ear.  Snoring up close and personal.  Bless her.  I am now so used to her lying on my head and her face into mine that I might miss her if she doesn’t.  But perhaps I would sleep better if she did not.

Only one or two people will see this other than the spammers (which WP is excellent at getting rid of) so here I will say that I am going with Katie’s favorite brover in the morning for his PET scan.  Has to be.  Katie wishes she could go too as she adores him.

Other favorite brother, the teacher one, will be here mid -afternoon tomorrow as well, and stay the weekend to help celebrate Katie’s other other favorite brover’s son’s birthday.  In other words, my grandson will be having a birthday.   🙂  Katie has three favorite brovers!!  All Cat men.  I reared them right.

Think I will make sure as m=uch as I can now that all is in readiness for my son arriving tomorrow.  I should be back from the Big City and having been with the oldest during the PET scan.






Nah, it’s me.  Carole.  I am about to take on of the earliest showers ever!  Because I am going to curl up with the rest of the Sunday paper and read.  Possibly with a warm 13 pound bundle in my lap.  That little bruiser stretched out like a log along my side last night…imparting heat as only a furred member of the family can.  I couldn’t move and I was on my back.  I hate lying on my back but I also hated to disturb her as she would hop down.  So…I suffered for a while longer.

She is half way through her antibiotic pills.  She has 14 of them total and has 7 left this evening. I am amazed at the vet tech’s ability to open Katie’s mouth, insert the pill all the way back and that’s IT!

The weather has already changed.  The Dogwoods are starting to lose their leaves.  The grass looks choppier (I call it) and there is a coolness to the house at night.  No need for heat and no need for cool.  Just right.  I am looking forward to Fall as my Summer was filled with Dr appointments and surgery but that is over now.  So perhaps the camera and I will make it out for some Fall leaves and a few landscapes.  Certainly my grandson, but I hesitate to put his photos on the Net.  There are cruel and evil people out there.

My birthday occurs this week and I have three birthday dinners to look forward to!  I love how all my friends have come together for me and how my family has.  Each son and my daughter in law has equally.  I could not be more blessed than I am.  I am thankful with every breath and every prayer.

Hope someone says something so I can stop talking about the cat! xo

I am encouraging Katie Isabella to be lazy I guess.  She has: 2 comfortable cushy smooshy beds, one each in two of three bedrooms… 2  luxurious hand made blankies,  one each on two human beds.  She has a “hammick” in kitty-speak, a wonderful soft fleece stretched out to make a kitty sized hammock on four little legs.  She’s on it now.  AND she has two human beds and her recliner and the back of the couch!  AND her tall cat tree with a girl cave at the bottom.  MY goodness.  This little one never will have to worry about where to sleep.  She also enjoys the floor’s carpet too. And she sleeps up close to me at night on my, no, OUR bed.

Just sayin’…..Image

Ample Proportions

My little Tuxedo cat, Kathryn Isabella is becoming a bit more amply proportioned I must say.  I look down at her as she passes and her little sides bow out slightly.  I recall that she was nine pounds even  she first came home with me in the third week of January.  When I took her to the Vet’s Office to have her claws trimmed she was nine and a half pounds.  She and I must be more careful about her meals.  It is easy to over-feed when the little one is so pretty and asks so nicely.

I am headed over the mountains again on Wednesday of next week.  I will go to see my son in Charlotte and I am looking forward to not having to do additional travel as soon as I get there as I did when Devon was in military school.  He graduated in June and now that part is done.  I confess that I am glad.

My camera is back in business after having my 18-200 lens repaired.  Doing without that lens and just having the 50 mm one was horrible.  I take too many close ups to deal with a 50 mm where my feet do the “zooming” and sometimes that’s impossible.

As is most of the Country it is beastly hot here.  I spend most of the days perspiring as soon as I breach the doorway. And the a/c is constantly on.  $$$$.

I’m just checking in to say hello to those who do look in.  I always appreciate that my friends, and thank you for the visit.

Here is Kathryn Isabella..


My Goodness..Here I Am Again

Holy Moley I can’t believe it’s been since my birthday that I was here.  My password is a hundred miles long and complicated AND I can never find the place to log in when I bring WP up.  WHY do they HIDE it the way they do.  I got here because I bookmarked the log in page.  You shouldn’t have to do that.

I have been busier than hen’s teeth these past several weeks.  One, I am working out three times a week and enjoying every moment of it.  Two, I have so much else to do with photography and such, never mind her blog, her Twitter, MY blog(s) and my Twitter and this too…whew.

Went thru two large one in my room and the spare bedroom closet too.  Have summer things finally put away, winter stuff out AND a lot went to charity and quite a few faded old tee shirts bit the dust.  I also tried on a lot of clothes so as to know whether to give it away to GoodWill or not. Have all of the rags I need so they went to the trash.

My little four-footed girly says with the “tune up” she had last Monday she is going along well especially since she has been taking her pill daily.  When that stops we get into trouble.  She has hypercalcimia which is ultimately fatal.  We are trying to keep her comfortable as long as possible.  I love that girl very much and she loves me too.  Her demonstrations of love are awesome.  Last night, she laid her head on my pillow facing my face which was also sideways, and her footie was on the corner of my mouth and her purring beautiful face inches from my face.  Her whiskers tickled but who cared? Precious girl.  Those who say cats aren’t affectionate never had one and never loved one.  They DO love you back, a lot.




Good Saturday

I have Miss Catt back..aka the Admiral.  Thank heavens.  It cost a lot of green papers but seeing her feel this well right now is worth it. She is an older distinguished Lady now..she’ll be 14 in October. We are trying to keep the effects of her condition at bay.

Today, Fall is definitely in the air.  It was warmish in the house when I went to bed last night and definitely chilly seeming when I got up.  I went in with shorty pj’s and I had to find something to warm me as soon as I came out from under the sheet.  I think it is in the 50’s outside and probably 67 or so inside.  I haven’t checked, I’m just depending on experience.  But Summer is well and truly gone. Seems as though we barely had a Summer season as it stayed quite cold for a long time in Spring when traditionally, it would have rapidly warmed.

Tomorrow is my birthday and my Twin’s as well.  We were both born on September 25th. 🙂  She in Illinois and me in Virginia.  So we were born different times and places but on the same day.  That’s so cool!  I haven’t met anyone else who shares my birthday.

Time to roust the cat out of bed so I can make it.  (no way..she stays as long as she wants) and get my face on.   Toodles.  I took this at Emma Spray Memorial Gardens here in town.




we will see

The next several days will tell me the tale as to whether or not the steroid treatment is positively affecting the cats appetite.  She’s been eating a lot but then, she had one of the appetite enhancing pills as well as the steroid so now that the pill had about worn off..we will see what happens.  I am guardedly optimistic.

Meanwhile the weather was great yesterday.  About 70 and sunny all the way till sunset.  I did go out and took some pictures.

Bess?  EAT!  Admiral?  Do the same.  Quit worrying your mom’s.  I took this picture last summer.  


I thought I would tell you with cautious optimism that Miss Catt aka The Admiral may be doing a lot better.  Four days ago, she started her steroid medications via a gel pen delivery.  I must dispense 0.1 ml onto my protected with latex finger tip and apply to the inside of her ear.  I have one ear strictly for her –hyper thyroid medicine gel pen administered and the other ear strictly for the steroid treatment for her hyper calcimia.  At ast she is being treated after several months delay.  I finally took a page from the very pharmacy that compounds her one (at the time) medicine and showed the Vet Office that they DO make it in a gel.  He had said that it would not absorb well.  I say that ANY med is better than the NO med she was getting.

He had caused a flavored liquid to put in her food.  She refused to eat at all..and for a cat who lost 2 pounds and a few ounces in  6 weeks..that is NOT good.  So, I insisted and she is getting treatment at last.  How much remains to be seen when the next blood test happens.  I’m trying to give her a break from Vet visits if I can.  She has been hauled off very unhappy at least once a week for her appetite enhancing pills.

I didn’t know until I read the symptoms of hyper calcimia that they noted there is anorexia.  She sure demonstrated THat.  She would NOT eat.  It was scary.

Let’s see how this goes.  So far, so good.


Some folks just seem to be determined to take anything that anyone says as an offense.  Even when nothing was said to them, about them, or in reference to them.  That has only happened to me three times since I have been blogging and all three times I was just blown away by the unfairness of their accusation, the vitriol with which that accusation was made and the amazing determination to fit themselves in to a corner that was never there to begin with.  I guess those folks just think they are so amazing that they’re on everyone’s mind at any given second.   Just thought I would mention it.

In other news, the kitty seems to be eating and drinking normally after 7 full days off the appetite pill.  I am very grateful.  🙂  I hope she can keep it up.  She is so wary of being taken to the Vet again that with the exception of yesterday, when she played most of the day and had fun, she is usually parked under a bed where I can’t get her to take her to the bad place as she sees it.  Someone in her blog likened it to post traumatic stress syndrome and in a way, I believe that’s right.

Not many seem to know I’m here so I seem to be coming back here maybe twice a week or so.  But today’s topic has been in my mind and so I thought I would mention it.

Surely this will end…

I know it doesn’t seem as awful to readers as it does to me, but the cats health is still on the line and that colors and affects everything I do and how I feel.

We will head off again to the Vet for another appetite pill and for a water boost.  I wish I knew when she will return to normal, or will she?  Going every few days to the Dr. for a push just isn’t a quality life for her.  But I am sure not saying I am ready to give her up.

Since that’s all I can focus on right now, I’ll give it up.

I was thinking of the year to come.  I don’t and haven’t made resolutions in years.  It’s a waste of effort in my opinion.  But the year on review is a topic I might spend some time thinking of before the day is done.  I had several firsts.  One not good at all and several others were.  That’s how you live life..with whatever you’re served up.  You look at it, size it up, try it on and get busy dealing.

Thank you for the visits.  I appreciate it a lot.