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Nah, it’s me.  Carole.  I am about to take on of the earliest showers ever!  Because I am going to curl up with the rest of the Sunday paper and read.  Possibly with a warm 13 pound bundle in my lap.  That little bruiser stretched out like a log along my side last night…imparting heat as only a furred member of the family can.  I couldn’t move and I was on my back.  I hate lying on my back but I also hated to disturb her as she would hop down.  So…I suffered for a while longer.

She is half way through her antibiotic pills.  She has 14 of them total and has 7 left this evening. I am amazed at the vet tech’s ability to open Katie’s mouth, insert the pill all the way back and that’s IT!

The weather has already changed.  The Dogwoods are starting to lose their leaves.  The grass looks choppier (I call it) and there is a coolness to the house at night.  No need for heat and no need for cool.  Just right.  I am looking forward to Fall as my Summer was filled with Dr appointments and surgery but that is over now.  So perhaps the camera and I will make it out for some Fall leaves and a few landscapes.  Certainly my grandson, but I hesitate to put his photos on the Net.  There are cruel and evil people out there.

My birthday occurs this week and I have three birthday dinners to look forward to!  I love how all my friends have come together for me and how my family has.  Each son and my daughter in law has equally.  I could not be more blessed than I am.  I am thankful with every breath and every prayer.

Hope someone says something so I can stop talking about the cat! xo


Ample Proportions

My little Tuxedo cat, Kathryn Isabella is becoming a bit more amply proportioned I must say.  I look down at her as she passes and her little sides bow out slightly.  I recall that she was nine pounds even  she first came home with me in the third week of January.  When I took her to the Vet’s Office to have her claws trimmed she was nine and a half pounds.  She and I must be more careful about her meals.  It is easy to over-feed when the little one is so pretty and asks so nicely.

I am headed over the mountains again on Wednesday of next week.  I will go to see my son in Charlotte and I am looking forward to not having to do additional travel as soon as I get there as I did when Devon was in military school.  He graduated in June and now that part is done.  I confess that I am glad.

My camera is back in business after having my 18-200 lens repaired.  Doing without that lens and just having the 50 mm one was horrible.  I take too many close ups to deal with a 50 mm where my feet do the “zooming” and sometimes that’s impossible.

As is most of the Country it is beastly hot here.  I spend most of the days perspiring as soon as I breach the doorway. And the a/c is constantly on.  $$$$.

I’m just checking in to say hello to those who do look in.  I always appreciate that my friends, and thank you for the visit.

Here is Kathryn Isabella..