We were supposed to go to The Big City and take some bridge pictures but my escort is going to be late.  It will be mid afternoon but as there is no blaring sun, that’s OK.

I went to the salon and got a LOT of hair cut off.  Wet, it was just past the middle of my back. It was easy to style..all I did was wind it into a ball before bed, on top of my head and in the morning, take out the pin and it would tumble down into waves.  Now I will have to go through some actual styling.  But..I needed a change.  I will include a picture, the same one I put on my Blogspot blog, and later I will remove it. It’s to show the new shoulder length cut.  A few years ago I had an actual bob..but now, while still  bob it’s longer than the standard bob usually is.

The Lady could stand to be drinking more..so I will still be monitoring her closely.  She is eating decently.

You guys doing OK?