For the past three days I have had either split pea with ham soup or bean and ham soup.  I didn’t make it..I bought Campbell’s chunky soup in those two flavors. 
I wait till close to 2PM..easy because I am not starving hungry and not eating that much these days, and I have the entire can, two servings, as my lunch.  Good I reckon.
I am just over everything else to eat.  And these are comfort foods to the max,.  There are potato pieces in the split pea and ham.  Drool. So I am just home recently from being in the big city.  the oldest is gone.  We stopped at Starbucks and had a cafe latte together, then soon to part company.  For supper last evening he got that wonderful Italian grilled chicken again and I also served saffron rice and green peas. It is the same dish that I had posted a picture of a month or so ago when I first made it.  Oh I am telling you… that  way of grilling chicken is SO good!!!! I actually ate half of one of the chicken breasts, sliced and cold for a sandwich from my dreams.  GOOD.  The oldest enjoyed and there was only a little bit to take back as a leftover.  He had a good breakfast too.  Bacon and 2 eggs of course, with a few biscuits and strawberry preserves for the biscuits and… several cups of hot black coffee. 
The little Queen of the household has spent an entire week coming in to announce that it was the small wee hours and was I aware of that…and making me aware just in case I was sleeping and did not know.  I am always sleeping in the wee hours so she performed her services well.  Following her inquiry, she got into the bed with me, walked up to my pillow, laid on her part (that which my head is NOT on) and planted her foot pads onto my mouth.  I was so sleepy but I know "Kiss my foot!" when I "hear" it so I kissed the little pink pads, still layin’ there with my eyes closed, and the purring that commenced was thunderous.  I stayed awake for about 45 seconds to kiss her foot!  I believe with that obeisance, she was well and truly satisfied and so, till 0645, she left.
Turn your clock BACK tonight guys.