If it’s Friday and I am fortunate, the oldest will be here overnight.  That is the plan.  Tonight it is a pot of chili.  I can’t have any of course.  Well, I can..to say I can’t is not the WW way.  There are no forbidden foods.  But the portion size would be so tiny that to me, who loves chili so much, it’s not worth it.

Just as to me, there is no such thing as a spoonful of ice cream for a taste and go whistling on my merry way.  No..I can’t do it.  For me, it’s however much I want, or nothing.  I choose nothing.  But I have given the impression that my draconian diet measures are the rule in WW.  Not so at all.  I just know my weaknesses.  Most people do just fine limiting their portion size with favorite things as in chili, desserts and so on. Me..I’d rather do without than go there.  It’s just a personal decision for me..nothing to do with WW.  Matter of fact they encourage you to eat normally.  Just not much.  🙂

I was on my way back home today and I heard an oldie but goodie on the radio. "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent.  LOVED that.  I find it was good to rock down the road with on the way home too.  WooHoo!  It’s running through my mind as I type.  I have to leave in a while to head to The Big City.  I wish I had a CD with his stuff on it to listen to.

I am going to make my way around to more visits.  I only got part way through today.  I have looked in on those who gave me comments..always a first step. 

I am going to try to get a picture of my hair for those who have even a infinitesimal curiosity about it.  It’s not one of my knock ’em dead hair days but not too bad either.  It’s wavy enough that the length looks shorter till you pull it down straight.  Miss Catt likes it, especially when it is freshly shampooed.  She spends a lot of her (NOT MY!!) quality time trying to scent it with her head’s scent glands in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT for pity sakes!!! Dang.  I woke a half dozen times with her effort, me swiping at her feebly, mostly asleep, trying to get her to move and lay down.  Finally she got torqued at my unappreciation of Feline Perfume No. 9 and left in a huff.  Excuse ME!

It is so gorgeous and so perfect out there I think I will just go on ahead and bottle it for later on.  I must have some containers around here somewhere. Oh, the sun is shining..there are the so-called fair weather clouds in the sky (none of the formations that make me dive for the camera though) the humidity is low, no winds to speak of..the silence is noteable around here except for my birds.  They are quiet now that I make mention.  I haven’t heard any for awhile.  I have, by the way, 2 female hummingbirds still here at the feeder.  I wish they would go on back to their Winter home.  I am keeping to my own pronouncements and leaving the feeder there knowing that when they get good and ready, they will leave.  My feeding them is in no way encouraging them to stay.  They can’t think like humans.  It’s instict all the way and so I trust that when they are ready, they will pack, get their train tickets in order and move. 

This is getting ungainly again..too long.  Byy.