I have spent the last 8 or 9 minutes laughing without stopping.  Hard laughing.  I had tears that kept flowing down my face..I had to get tissues to wipe my eyes..I annoyed the cat!  She kept meowing at me like "What in the name of common sense is the MATTER with you!  Stop it immediately!" I laughed so long and so hard and continuously that my belly muscles feel a slight strain.  They know they were used, that’s for sure.

What brought all this on?  If I feel like it tomorrow I may share but it’s a lot of typing.  Maybe I can scan it.  But it is a list of genuine menu items that are not correct in concept, spelling or even in this world it seemed like.  These have been collected thru years of many people’s travel and I have to say..if I could speak whatever language these folks speak even a quarter as well as they do with English, I would count myself well educated.  BUT reading these, you can’t help but roll on the floor and laugh till you snort.  A lot! These I read are about as good as me one day a time ago in Germany.  We were sitting in the Hotel’s restaurant section and, as we had to learn a language if we were going to get along at all with all our years of travel and constant moving from Country to Country…we used German no matter where we were.  The French pretended not to ever EVER understand us..the Italians were annoyed but played along..and so forth.  Anyway, there we were, seated at the dining table and the owner came to ask in German what did we want to eat.  Showing just how smart *I* am..I proudly ordered a flight of twenty eight steps!!!! I was trying to say Ox soup.  But nooooooo.  I was very wrong.  The attending laughter was shared by all.   So, that’s what these are like..hilarious..stomach hurtingly funny.  If you like that sort of thing.  We’ll see if I can work it out. I wish I could laugh that way 10 hours a day.