We have had 9 days of rain so far.  Another near 6 more days with rain are predicted.  Not great gully washers..a gentle rain, so we are still a tench behind in the rain gauge however, the incessant gloom is a bit wearing.  I have the mini blinds up to the top as far as they will go trying to get some light in the house.  I’m surrounded by trees so it isn’t easy to get much light on gloomy rain days and there’s not great quantities on sunny days the foliage is so thick and plentiful.

Interesting, isn’t it, how blogs are a slice of the person’s life?  Just a bouquet..a vignette. A waft of fragrance for only a few moments and then, it’s done.  And it’s amazing the ideas or opinions a reader forms while reading.  They may or may not be on the mark.  It depends on the writer of the blog and how he or she chooses to express themselves. If the bloggers are simple and direct as they compose their blogs as Jacques Barzun always advocates we should be, then you get the point right away.  If they meander..then the point may become lost.  But we never know how someone will interpret what we say.  Everything goes through a personal filter as it were and comes out according to how the reader thinks.  We never really thoroughly know our blog family members because we get just a slice of their lives but we can enjoy and love them for what we are allowed to share.

My Mother’s day gift from the youngest was the 18-200 lens that he gave me several months ago.  My middle one assembled a real bed complete (of course) with mattress, and so when I visit, no more air bed.  That’s his gift.  Believe me, it is much appreciated.  "Returns" aren’t in yet for the oldest.  But hopefully he will be here this weekend.  He hasn’t said.  But just in case, I need to look thru the recipes.

I have much to do and get done.  I know you do as well.  Peace,  and long life.