I am sitting here waiting on the roofers.  While I was gone most of the afternoon they left the new shingles in the yard,  Not doing my grass/weeds any good so I hope they do get here today.    Besides, it will start some locally heavy showers tomorrow.  If they don’t get here soon, you know me (those who do) I will call and ask where they are. (P.S. I just called..they are on their way)  Then, I will go vote in the local election for City Council.  ANY one but the ones in there.  They caused red light and speed cameras to be put in this small town with so few accidents at lights etc as to make this camera thing a ruse.  It’s for hoped-for revenue only for poor doofus’s who might be going 39 instead of 35. Not safety as they touted.  The newspaper said that the speed part will be working in the school zones with no kids even there 24 hours a day,   Fine, give the town a deserved reputation for a speed trap. 
Magnolia May 2009

I had a super duper day yesterday.  It was 90 degrees and hot, yes but sunny and beautiful.  Me and whoever it was went off to Knoxville and hit Lowe’s and Home Depot looking for some azaleas, hopefully in the color I already have.  Not to be found, no surprise.  Mine are not that common a color.  But I got others instead and a gardenia at long last.  I have been looking for a gardenia, they type I want with smaller camellia sized blooms and I haven’t found any yet until yesterday.  All are waiting in their pots with some peat moss (acidity) for planting. BUT best to wait till the roofers come and go. We stopped off for ice cream late in the afternoon and that itself was the first treat of that sort of the year so far.  It melted as we tried to eat it.  Love that kind of day even if it was too hot. 

Hope it is a good day where you are too.