The arborist I hired to look at the maple tree and the black oak was here on time this morning at 9.  The thing I was concerned about regards the maple was, the leaves have been falling, still green of course, for 2 months now.  Quite a coating of them on the ground.  Sure  enough, the maple has a disease.  I noticed a huge plaque of orange fungi on the side of it 3 years ago.  That was a dead giveaway.  The pronouncement was Hypoxylon Canker.  He used his pick and the disease has made terrible inroads.  The tree will have to come down.  The loss will hurt our hearts as it is a favorite of ours and it will be terribly expensive as it is in the so-called City Right of Way, meaning the electric lines are next to and the branches have grown through the lines.

The Black Oak has Phytophora fungal infection..just getting started.  It can be treated however with Agriphos and Pentia bark..  These are gigantic trees in tallness.  Sigh.  

The squirrels caused great consternation to Miss Catt a few days ago.  I rose up from here to see what all the noise was about.  Right on the other side of the glass storm door where she lays to watch goings on outside, a squirrel had come within 2 inches of her, hence her getting in the fighting mode, and was stealing off long segments of one of my Christmas cactus’s.  There very one that had bloomed in July you may remember. So, I have had to bring the cactus into the house 2 months early to stop the attack on it.  It is very very old. I want to keep it.  There are several other succulents outside including "Mother’s cactus" the Stapelia I have written of several times. Sigh.

While standing out there talking to the arborist, the mosquitoes about picked both he and I up and flew away with us.  I have a zillion bites.  I went out half an hour ago after lunch (bing cherries!!) and refilled the bird feeder.  A zillion more bites.  Man, they do itch horribly.  I used anti itch good.  These are East Tennessee mosquitoes.  Nothing conquers them.

Let’s see if I can show you at least, the maple.  These were taken before Spring.

The Maple

The Oak on the extreme right of my house (left) and I didn’t get to the top of it.